Thursday, August 31, 2017

Progress Update on Pattern Analysis

Today I met a short-term goal: I have now analyzed 30% of the Bible using the Pattern Analysis methodology. My goal when I started this effort a year ago was to take a sampling of every book of the Bible with a minimum of 10% of each book or three chapters, whichever is more comprehensive. I am very close to completing that goal with today being another milestone. Hallelujah!

Over this past year I had to substantially enhance the Pattern Analysis model to accomodate the new patterns that I was seeing. With this improved model, I can say that every verse that I’ve looked at has fit into one or more literary patterns. That is, I am not seeing any evidence at this time where an editor (the technical name is a redactor) has modified the biblical text. All the variations that people use to support the theory of a redactor are, at least in my analysis so far, the Holy Spirit’s use of emphasis.

The current model that I am using may be seen in part at Pattern Analysis Handbook. That handbook is currently undergoing scholarly review and will hopefully be published in 2017. You may email me at for more information and/or notification of availability.

*** Update on 1/21/2018 ***:
While I have now completed 35% of the Bible, I have decided to postpone publication for some period of time because I want to be absolutely positive that the approach that I have been seeing is correct. I expect my various writings about Pattern Analysis will be controversial because people who do not believe the Bible was inspired by God will attempt to punch holes into this methodology. Thank you for your patience—if you wish, I will be very glad to add you to my mailing list as the various teachings and workbooks become available.