Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Discovering Emphasis in the Bible is Ready for Review

For those that have spent any time with me, you know how much I enjoy reading the Bible, digging for ‘the gold’ so to speak. I've been studying a lesser known Biblical topic called literary structure for the last 15 years. Through that approach, I have learned to hear the voice of God as He speaks through the Bible.

This week I sent out for review a new book entitled Discovering Emphasis in the Bible: Hearing God's Voice Through Literary Structure. It is an 104-page book that I hope will be published this spring. The process I present is called RIDL:

Read the passage in context
Identify the theme of the structure
Discover the emphasis
Listen to the voice of God regarding this emphasis

The first two paragraphs of the Introduction read:
I want to hear God’s voice. Do you? When I read the Bible, I want to go beyond learning the stories and memorizing verses. I know there are many powerful lessons in the Holy Scriptures and I enjoy them all. I still want more.

God speaks through the Holy Spirit. Aside from the Bible, there are times when I hear that voice nudging me to do one thing or another. For some reason, I hear it most clearly when I’m lying in bed early in the morning. I sometimes hear it during the day as I go about my business. Then there are the days when I don’t hear it at all. Possibly you go through periods like that.

In addition to hearing that voice, I understand it while reading the Bible. I read the scriptures with passion, grasping that voice as He adamantly speaks through literary structure. I want to teach you these techniques.
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